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Top Trending Furniture 2024: Modern & Elegant Selections

Top Trending Furniture 2024

Discover the top trending furniture of 2024, including stylish sofas, modern chairs, elegant tables, and must-have decor pieces. Transform your home with the latest in interior design trends and elevate your living space with our expertly curated selections

#1 Rue Swivel Chair

A cozy reading room with built-in green shelves filled with books and decor. A drum set and piano provide a musical touch, and a large window seat offers a comfortable spot to relax. Soft lighting enhances the warm, inviting atmosphere. Design by Debora, an online interior design service.

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#2nd Benson Leather Chair

Benson Leather Chair by West Elm
A contemporary living room featuring organic, neutral-toned furniture designed by Debora. The room includes a minimalist beige sofa with plush cushions, a sleek wooden coffee table, and a pair of modern armchairs. The space is accented with natural elements, such as a potted plant and a woven rug. Large windows allow ample natural light to illuminate the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The overall design emphasizes simplicity, comfort, and a connection to nature.

Our Service Pricing Comparison Table

Trad. Designers Debora Interiors
Cost Per Room $1,500 - $4,900 $300
Cost Per Sq Ft $5 - $17 $1
Hourly Rate $50 - $200 Flat rate
Design Fee 10% - 20% Flat rate
Consultation Fee $100 - $500 Free (3x)
Shopping List Not always included Included
3D Renderings Additional cost Included
Technical Drawings Additional cost Included
Color Selection Additional cost Included
Working Hours 8 hours/day 12 hours/day

#3rd Timberline Floor Lamp

DWR, Timberline Floor Lamp by Gubi
A stylish living room with a white sofa and DWR - by Mads Caprani, Timberline Floor Lamp, green velvet couch, wooden coffee table with tulips and books, large windows with beige curtains, a checkered rug, a stone accent wall with abstract art, a fireplace with cozy chairs, and greenery, creating a bright and inviting space.

How it works?

First Phase, Initial Consultation

Second Phase, Design Development

Final Phase, Revision and Finalization

#4th Rivington Sofa

A spacious and modern living room designed by Debora features a sleek Rivington sofa as the centerpiece. The sofa, upholstered in a soft, neutral fabric, has a minimalist design with clean lines and plush cushions, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The living room is accented with a contemporary coffee table, stylish floor lamp, and an abstract art piece on the wall, complementing the overall elegant and serene aesthetic. Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, highlighting the tasteful decor and creating a bright, airy feel.
Picture of Debora Fazliu

Debora Fazliu

Head of Design

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