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Meet Debora Interiors Team

We are a group of professionals that work remotely, our ultimate goal is to ensure that we offer the best of both worlds.

Picture of Debora Fazliu

Debora Fazliu

Head of Design

Debora is our designer’s group leader and successfully delivered 432 projects in 2023, following the whole workflow process from sketches to the final renders.

Picture of Anduena Ademi

Anduena Ademi

Creative Director

As the creative force behind our design operations, With a flair for creating visually stunning and functional spaces, Anduena is the leading force behind our team.

Picture of Diar Mikullovci

Diar Mikullovci

Chief Executive Officer

Diar is responsible for overseeing all facets of the company, including sales, brand building, prioritizing tasks effectively, and creating a detailed plan of action.

Picture of Faton Mikullovci

Faton Mikullovci

CGI Art Director

With a deep understanding of both technology and aesthetics, Faton guides our team in creating CGI renderings that bring our interior designs to life.

Picture of Elita Gorani

Elita Gorani

Interior Designer

Our expert in marrying comfort and elegance. Elita has a knack for creating spaces that feel luxurious yet welcoming, turning houses into dream homes.

Picture of Natyra Ramusholli

Natyra Ramusholli

Interior Designer

Natyra brings a unique perspective to our team, turning fresh ideas into beautiful, functional spaces. You’ll love Natyra’s creative and original design approach.

Picture of Veneta Shporta

Veneta Shporta


Thrilled to feature Veneta, who injects a distinctive balance between practicality and aesthetics, providing a rare, all-encompassing perspective to interior decoration.

Picture of Arnisa Baca

Arnisa Baca


One of our esteemed architects. Arnisa has a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Who are we & What do we do?

Debora is a remote interior design company based in New York, United States, proudly offering online interior design services across the USA. We collaborate with a team of highly skilled professionals, each an independent contractor with expertise in interior design and architecture. Our journey began with a passion for transforming spaces, and this enthusiasm has driven our growth and success in the United States.

What do we do? We simplify the design process for you. With the assistance of our talented designers, you can begin creating your dream home effortlessly. Our online interior design service consolidates all essential information, enabling users to envision and craft functional, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing spaces through virtual presentations. Technology has revolutionized the interior design landscape, opening up a plethora of unique possibilities. Our services include providing you with a detailed furniture list, 3D renders of your proposed space, and the perfect finishes and textures, all without the need to leave your home.

We leverage 3D software such as SketchUp, V-Ray, and Lumion to deliver these services. Our network of dedicated contractors works diligently to ensure high-quality results, helping you shape the perfect living environment from anywhere in the world.