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A luxurious bathroom with a central glowing moon sink and ambient lighting, designed by Debora, an online interior design service based in New York City.

Commercial Package

What's Included?

Pricing Comparison Table

Trad. DesignersDebora Interiors
Cost Per Sq Ft$5 - $17$2
Hourly Rate$50 - $200Flat rate
Design Fee10% - 20%Flat rate
Consultation Fee$100 - $500Free (3x)
Shopping ListNot always includedIncluded
3D RenderingsAdditional costIncluded
Technical DrawingsAdditional costIncluded
Color SelectionAdditional costIncluded
Working Hours8 hours/day12 hours/day

How it works?

First Phase, Initial Consultation

Second Phase, Design Development

Final Phase, Revision and Finalization