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An elegant bedroom featuring classic decor with a plush bed, chic chandelier, and rich accent colors. The design creates a serene and stylish retreat, perfect for relaxation and comfort. Design by Debora, an online interior design service.

Single Room Package

What's Included?

Pricing Comparison Table

Trad. Designers Debora Interiors
Cost Per Room $1,500 - $4,900 $300
Cost Per Sq Ft $5 - $17 $1
Hourly Rate $50 - $200 Flat rate
Design Fee 10% - 20% Flat rate
Consultation Fee $100 - $500 Free (3x)
Shopping List Not always included Included
3D Renderings Additional cost Included
Technical Drawings Additional cost Included
Color Selection Additional cost Included
Working Hours 8 hours/day 12 hours/day

How it works?

First Phase, Initial Consultation

Second Phase, Design Development

Final Phase, Revision and Finalization