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An elegant townhouse with a modern facade, featuring large windows and a stylish entrance. The design seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements, creating a sophisticated urban home. Design by Debora, an online interior design service.

Entire House Package

What's Included?

Pricing Comparison Table

Trad. DesignersDebora Interiors
Cost Per Sq Ft$5 - $17$1
Hourly Rate$50 - $200Flat rate
Design Fee10% - 20%Flat rate
Consultation Fee$100 - $500Free (3x)
Shopping ListNot always includedIncluded
3D RenderingsAdditional costIncluded
Technical DrawingsAdditional costIncluded
Color SelectionAdditional costIncluded
Working Hours8 hours/day12 hours/day

How it works?

First Phase, Initial Consultation

Second Phase, Design Development

Final Phase, Revision and Finalization