How To Select The Right Interior Design Aesthetic For Your New Home

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Shifting to a new place soon? Here is a step-by-step guide for selecting the right interior design aesthetic for your new home.

Moving into a new house can get pretty daunting. Apart from packing and unpacking, figuring out the right interior design is difficult, too. No wonder interior designers are worth a fortune!

Imagine getting a gigantic bright yellow sofa for your living room that looks like a misfit in your minimalist setting. Ah, the pain!

But perfecting your home aesthetics doesn’t have to be that hard. This article will elaborate on a few tricks for home decorating for beginners. The goal is to plan the perfect design layout for your new home in the correct order – so in the end, the furnishings, accessories, color palette, and textures live together in harmony.

How To Interior Design Your Home – Step-By-Step Guide

It is best to plan your interior design before moving into a new place. It will help to achieve immaculate decor forms, but the order will save a lot of time and money, too.

Here are the steps to achieve the best interior design in a house:

Step 1 – Get A Scale

Before starting with a designing project, it is essential to lay the groundwork first. Get a scale or a measurement tape and measure the dimensions. For example, check the length of the walls and the height of the ceilings. Plus, take into account any additional structure that could get in the way of furniture – stairs and exposed beams, to name a few.

Now, draw a map with the help of a ruler on paper, or try getting a bit tech-savvy and use any of the several online interior designing apps.

Step 2 – Take Notes

Roam around in the new house and observe different conditions that could affect the design – natural light, outside view, or any architectural elements that need blending through decor.

Next, plan the goals for each room. Finally, think about utility, practicality, and aesthetics altogether. For example, dark wall color is not the best home decorating idea for a small house.

Step 3 – Plan A Budget

You can find several home decorating ideas on a budget. But the key is to plan. Splurge on an excessively expensive console for the home’s entrance, and there won’t be enough money left for the living room’s couch. Pros always recommend setting up a budget and dividing it into sensible categories.

Step 4 – Go Shopping

Finally! After all the planning, it’s time to hit the mall and get your decor elements. Find inspiration from the interior design magazines, blogs, or Pinterest, and put a look together that draws your attraction. Think of a theme and pick a wall color, flooring, furnishing, accessories, and art that would go with it. Do swatches and trials before finalizing anything.

Step 5 – Implement And Improvise

Always plan electricity and plumbing before getting a paint job. Similarly, get the house painted before moving the furniture in. Also, don’t be afraid to tweak the setting a bit if something seems a bit odd. And in the end, a well-decorated home will be your prize!

Debora Fazliu

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